April 17, 2012

Robin Stubbert Photography...

This morning has been one of those mornings. The mornings where you are having to use more energy than normal to get up and move around. I am thinking that one reason could be that I wish it was Friday morning already. This weekend I will be traveling to Dallas to see my awesome sister and her family! That is the excuse I will be sticking with today. Ha!

While I am returning numerous emails, drinking my second cup of coffee-and it's not even 9 o'clock, I thought I might as well look at one of my favorite photographers. Robin Stubbert has really beautiful interior design photos. The kind of photos that make me want to jump into the photo and lounge around on the couch or be in that kitchen cooking. This first photo is my absolute favorite. I am sucker for black and white with little pops of color. Orange just so happens to be mys husbands favorite color but my favorite color to use with black and white!


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