April 18, 2012

A Cloudless Day...

Good Morning my lovely readers! Today seems to be one of those great days. Waking up this morning, sore as can be, from my great-motivating-workout yesterday. I walked into our living room to turn on the news and make a pot of coffee when I was stopped by the beautiful morning that we were having. 7 a.m. and no clouds in site.

I love these kinds of days. They motivate me, make me happy, and inspire me...okay I know how corny that may sound but it is true. I started on my work a little bit earlier this morning for a few reasons. This would be the perfect weather to go play tennis with my hubs, going to visit an old family friend this afternoon, and starting earlier means I can finish earlier!

So here I am sitting here working on a few drawings, marketing ideas, and getting our pocket square fabric ready to be sent to our guys to make! Things are coming along, slowly, but at least things are moving. I keep dreaming about the days when we will have our site up and then I can focus on adding more products, making sales, and getting really involved with social media.

I have said threw this process that I went in blind. Not really knowing what I was doing or how to do everything. I have learned a lot during this experience. Things not to do, things I will never do again, mistakes that have costs this company a few bucks, and researching more. The first few months of me doing Drake Men full time was a definite learning experience. Out of all the things that I learned don't work I found a ton that I will use in the future. Having the support from your friends and family means everything. I was a little worried about our family and friends buying our products just because they wanted to help. It took me a while to get my mind on board with that idea. I'm glad I did because not only is it generating money and exposure I am realizing that all of my hard work is paying off. Every person that I has come to look at our products has loved every piece!

It makes me ecstatic about going live. My family is one of those families where if they didn't like something they would be the first people to tell you. I am sure that contributed to by not 'getting on board' with selling to them first. I'm glad I did. Confidence is very important in this business. Personally, I feel that I am generally a pretty confident person. I don't like people walking all over me, I stand up for what I believe in, and I tend to not care what people think or say about me. All that put together I thought that having a retail business would be a piece of cake. Working as hard as I have on our pieces, drawings, communicating non-stop with my designers definitely gave me an emotional attachment to our products. That isn't a bad thing until someone starts telling you the reasons why they do not like it. I get offended-I know I shouldn't-but I do.

So I am learning, Drake Men and myself is still a work in progress. I am sure it will always be that way. I will continue to grow and so will Drake Men. That is part of why I love what I am doing. Finding things out about myself that I didn't know could exist. I have days, like yesterday, where I feel everything is still-not moving forward. No matter what I try to do and no matter how hard I push everything wants to stay nailed to the ground. Then all of a sudden today feels like a new day. Things are moving-even if its only been two hours that I have been working. The future keeps getting closer and closer.

Images by-Shan

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