April 26, 2012

White Vs. Color

I have been searching around looking for my next living room style. I am not ashamed of loving white. LOVE the color-non color?-white. Clean, streamlined, and fresh always comes to mind. Part of me always wonders if I love white so much because it is so easy to decorate with or because it truly makes me feel good when I walk into the room.

Take this living room. It is airy, gorgeous, simple, and sophisticated. It has great combination of traditional and modern...masculine and feminine. There is also a 'boring' side to it. Sometimes I look at this picture and I love everything about it. Other times I think it can be a little 'Eh'-boring.

Then you have a living room like this one...yes the infamous Sex and the City 2 home. Once again has both of those balances. Bringing the male and female side to the room. Has great color, very little white, but some how gives me the same fresh, clean, streamlined feeling as the first living room.

I am torn between the two. Yes, you are right if you are thinking "she said that they weren't going to move until later this year!" And you are right. But, I am the girl that takes six months just to find the right couch or the right outfit to wear to a wedding. I constantly think from every angle that I can to make sure I am making the right decision. It can be very exhausting.

Part of me likes the deeper tones and it feels more grown up/adult like. I am still undecided. All I know is that we will be purchasing a home sometime at the end of the year and buying a new couch, new master bedroom set, and a dining room table will come with that. I have 6-8 months to figure it out! Ha-Ha.

What do you think...White or Color?

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