April 27, 2012

El Salvador House {wishing}...

I have had the opportunity to take several trips down to El Salvador over the last eight years. The hubs was born there and came to the US when he was four. Over the last year he and I have talked in great detail about purchasing a home down there. Not only is his mother there but all of his aunt's, uncle's, cousins, grandparents...I mean everyone is there.

If you have heard anything about El Salvador than I am sure that you have heard things like its a third world country, dangerous, and dirty. Honestly, yes it is a very poor country and in certain places it can be dirty but so are other places. The people there are the nicest that you will ever find. They love it when tourist come especially Americans. They know they are a poor country so when tourist come it means to them that they may be able to pay for their rent on time. Or be able to feed their family all three meals. The land is lush, the beaches are beautiful, and the markets are filled with culture. I love going to visit. We try to go once a year when it is a little cooler and weeks leading up to the trip we get so excited and leaving is heartbreaking.

The only solution he and I see is to purchase a home. Ha! Great solution right?! I am a spoiled girl that loves her AC and houses there don't have it and neither do any of his families homes. So I get cranky and want to stay in a hotel. Because all of his family members are so close to one another I would love it if we could buy a home for all of them to live in. That way when we come down there it won't be spent trying to figure out who we are going to see that day. This way everyone will get to 'be seen' everyday. Having a pool would be amazing...El Salvador really doesn't have a Winter and having a pool is one way people cool down.

We are in the process of planning our trip later this year and I am thinking that we should do a little bit of house hunting. Once again I am up to my old tricks of looking through my archived interior photos and searching the Internet for new ones. My must-haves are an open floor plan, huge yard, a very large kitchen, and great-big windows. You would think a house like that would be easy to find over there but definitely not. These homes are usually found in the 'America' area near the US Embassy which automatically bumps up the price a few $100,000. I am optimistic though. We both love to renovate and so does his mom. The cost to purchase a cheaper home and renovate it to what you want is fairly inexpensive. I am sorry that's incorrect...it's dirt cheap. I wouldn't be opposed to purchasing a home on a great lot that needs some TLC.

Until then these are my inspiration photos!

Everything about this room I love. The ceiling, mosaic tiles, and
definitely the mantel and fireplace!

Decorating with lots of orange and blues.

Now this is what I am talking about. HUGE kitchen for all of us to be in!

Still would like to keep a modern feel mixed in with the culture of the country.
Tile floors are a must! Keeps the house cooler in the summer. 

Hopefully we can get a second living room/den area in the house. People
can cozy up on the couch while looking at the gorgeous views!

Bathroom that meets the outside with lots of windows.

Pool is a must!

This would be ideal but would be hard to find. A nice covered patio that would
over look the pool and views of the city.

I know I am dreaming, a lot, on some of these photos but I figured if Drake Men does us right I can get everything that we are wanting for our families. Yes, families. If we found/renovated a beautiful house like this then hopefully when the hubs and I have kids and want to spend months down with his family maybe mine will join too. This house would be a family house for his and mine.

I said that I usually start getting excited weeks in advance but apparently I have started months instead. Lol. The launch of Drake Men is May 9 and is fast approaching. I am dreaming a little bit more about every aspect of my life. This is just one dream that the hubs and I have had for quite sometime so I would like to see this one come true!

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