May 10, 2012

Away Time...

I have been having some quality 'me' time since the hub is on his first of a three week business trip. Having him traveling is nothing new for me. For the first five years of our relationship it was every month traveling for the USMC and getting deployed. Every now and then he would get a really good job that would require him to travel to Hawaii for two weeks while he trained Marines there. That trip I think he enjoyed the most! Ha! For about 18 months it has been so nice not having him travel at all. So this time when it is with his CPA firm it's a little different for both of us.

The nice thing about him being gone is that I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family...especially my 7 week old niece! She is laughing and smiling now and it is the cutest thing ever. Not only have I been having quality time I have also been able to get in two a days at the gym, go to the paint store to decide on a color for the living room, and be able to watch all my Real Housewives shows with no judgment from the hubs. Lol.

Aside from all that fun stuff I have been really focused on what kind of house we are going to buy sometime this year. I have been looking at least for an hour each day and I have been finding the cutest places. The hubs and I don't mind getting a house that needs some TLC. A lot of houses in our price range that have been renovated in the last year or so usually only have 1 bathroom. That is sort of a deal breaker but if the house is on a big lot then we can always expand when we need to. This house I am going to show you is the cutest house ever. It is very small (1200 sq.ft.) but has been completely gutted. It's on a huge lot which would be nice for us to build onto the house or expand the one car garage into a two!

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