May 4, 2012

Friday Wishing...

Happy Friday! Besides catching up on household chores that I can't seem to fit in during the week, otherwise known as procrastinating, I also take some family time. Whether that would be lunch with my mom, going to see my 6 week old niece who I just can't get enough of, or taking a afternoon trip down to Galveston to see the progress on my parent's beach house. Either way it is my favorite day of the week!

After I finish some of my cleaning duties it is time to hit the road again and head down to Galveston. Since I didn't hit the gym this morning like usual, I ended up sipping on coffee and writing several emails. I couldn't help but think the whole time that I wish I could be here...

Sitting on this gorgeous balcony with my cinnamon topped coffee and laptop would just start my day off so perfectly! The hubs and I do have a pretty nice size balcony that overlooks the "Galleria" area but it is no wear big enough to have a table. This is okay, I guess, because now this will just be something that I add to my ‘wish list’ for our next house! Ha!

I want to leave my lovely readers with a photo I took of my parent’s house a couple of weeks ago. They were finishing up the roofing and started to put on the siding of the house. It is looking so great and even though this house is a retirement home it is large. Usually when a couple is ready to retire they move somewhere far away, that is peaceful, and a house small enough where their kids and grandkids can't come to stay. Not mine! They are building this house so that they can have their three awesome daughters come with their husbands and children to stay for as long as we want. Yep, my parents are pretty amazing like that!


Have a great Friday!

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