May 1, 2012


Drake Men will hopefully launching Wednesday May 9th! It will be close to exactly seven months from when I first started on this journey of owning my own business. As I have talked about in the past it has been a great learning experience. I wasn't naive about the fact of not knowing anything about starting a business let alone what it would take to run it. Through all of the hardships like living off of one salary, making mistakes, and sometimes taking way too long to make a decision as resulted in a certain passion that I didn't know I had.

Working on this company is actual fun for me. I read a quote the other day that went something like this "If you make your work fun then you will never have to work again". Agreeing with that would be an understatement. I am actually living that. Okay, so maybe Drake Men has only had a few sales through friends and family and though we may not be up and running yet I still love coming to sit down at my dining room table with coffee in hand, still in my workout clothes from my morning workout, and ready to start my day. Sure there are certain days that feel a little bit more difficult because the task is a little boring...researching always gets me in a 'blah' mood. But then I remember why I am doing this and suddenly I feel a little better.

One of the most interesting things through this process is watching Drake Men grow. Our original idea is still intact but certain things have brought on a new meaning. Our product line has gone in a different direction that what we originally had lined up. Through all these changes it has become very personal for me. Instead of wanting to satisfy everyone I possibly could and always carry the latest trends I decided to go back to what I really enjoy about men's fashion. What I like to see my husband in. That's where things took a certain shift. It became more about personal relationships that I want to have with our customers vs. trying to sell as many products as we can. Of course, I still want to sell a lot of products but I didn't want to do that if it meant selling products I would never put my husband in.

I think me being excited about this launch is an understatement...I am ecstatic. I can't wait to have you guys finally be able to look at our products! Until next Wednesday my days will be spent writing marketing pieces to send through email and all of social media. I have seen in the past our social media can be great for small businesses and I intend to fully take advantage of that! Have a wonderful day my lovely readers!

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