June 5, 2012

Age Doesn't Mean A Thing...

No matter what my age is or where I work I never seem to get old of Forever 21. It is one of my go-to stores for the basics for any season. I tend to find my tanks there, any summer dresses that I wear around the house, or casual outfits that I put on for a quick errand that I must run. For adding those types of pieces to a wardrobe you really can't beat the price!

This morning after my workout and some amazing Oatmeal I wondered onto the website to see what I could find. In my husband's eye my trip to NYC and my many, many wardrobe additions that I found there cancels me out of needing to buy anything else. I actually agree with him but looking has never hurt anyone. HA!  Once again I came across several things that I could always use but instead of purchasing them I am decided to share them with you lovely readers! There are lots and lots of prints and colors...just what us women need for summer.

They all scream summer, to me! I can definitely find times to wear all of these pieces especially since I am working from home these days. Comfortable, flowy clothing works best for me since I seem to be getting up and rummaging through boxes looking for things ever couple of minutes!

Have a great day my lovely readers!

Outfits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

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