June 4, 2012

Monday = Blah Day...

I am in desperate need of one of these kinds of breaks...

I have been working hard and these last few days in every aspect of my life. Drake Men is looking more fabulous than I ever thought it would, I am working out every day and my sister introduced me to Bikram Yoga and that alone kicks my butt! Managing to keep up with the daily roles of cooking meals, cleaning, and spending time on the couch to watch the NBA playoffs has been tricky but I have succeeded.

**Me Dreaming**
Sitting in France sipping a latte at a quaint Cafe with my husband. The air is crisp and Summer is upon us. We occasionally look at our watches waiting patiently for it to become the time for us to leave. We always wanted to go to France, see the gorgeous scenery, shop at the finest shops, but this time is a little bit better...the French Open. Having played tennis since I was a little girl you can only imagine how excited I was to go the my first ever Grand Slam. As time gets nearer we start to walk back to the event, find out seats, and with our camera in hand the match begins.

That was nice! Ha! Since that isn't what is going on in my life I decided to share this beautiful kitchen with you. If you read this blog enough (and I hope you do!) you know that I LOVE kitchens. This one inparticular is up there on my list of favorites!

The brick wall adds rustic, country vibe but the grays, whites, and blacks keep it simples, chic and modern. Everything that I would like in a kitchen all wrapped up in one! Usually you would find bar stools at the other end of an island but this choice of seating looks much nicer and brings in that cozy feeling.

After doing my Bikram Yoga this morning I am completely drained but I must keep going...Drake Men won't launch itself! Off to my fridge to grab some iced coffee and then back to work!

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