June 25, 2012

Drake Men Tie Bars!

Drake Men is launched and looking good! We have had wonderful response from you guys, people on Pinterest, Facebook, and family & friends. This is all happening so fast and is very exciting. Today I wanted to shine a light on our tie bars.

These are one of my favorite designs that I came up with. I wanted to have something men could wear that would give texture to there outfit. A tie bar is something I always notice on a guy. It is generally right at my eye level and with that I wanted pieces that would get a reaction out of people. Not only will the Wood Grain and Brushed give your outfit dimension but it will add a vintage look. I think adding a vintage inspired piece to any outfit brings a timeless feel.

All three are made from sterling silver and are hand-made. Having each of them be hand-made means that each one is a little different from the next giving it a unique feel. Pairing one of these with any of our ties will give you a sophisticated, stylish, and timeless look for any occasion!

We have extended the grand opening of Drake Men through this week which means free shipping!

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  1. I'm so proud of you doll!!! I'm definitely up for hosting a giveaway :) Anything I can do to help!