June 25, 2012

Work Space...

Hello lovies! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...I sure did! It was very relaxing, and a lot of time spent together. We did some errands, lay out on our balcony with good books, had a date night on Saturday and then a Redbox night last night, and then finished it up with some mild work.

Saturday was an interesting day for many reasons. One, I have gone over to the dark side...I bought a Mac Air! It is beautiful, tiny, and so much better than my HP(that I am currently using right now.lol). In between running errands it click in our heads that their needs to be some serious furniture moving in order to put all of our Drake Men boxes, laptops, printers, and a desk. The only solution we really have is to sell our huge couch and chair and purchase a new, much smaller, sleeker couch. In the middle of last week I came across a photo from Rue that I thought would work for our living/work space.

This is Jess's apartment and this is our inspiration. Our living room is a few feet bigger than this floor plan. I am stuck on actually purchasing a sectional or getting a smaller couch and keep our two vintage inspired leather accent chairs. The hubs and I love to lounge all over our couch so a sectional seems like the way to go but we also just as equally love our two chairs. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma!

Once the hubs and I agreed that this is a necessary transition since we won't be moving until early next year we stopped by a few stores to get some ideas. That's all I needed to motivate me to research how to have a living space be half a work space. I still want it to look like a home, feel comfortable, but also have our own space for Drake Men things. Here are some of my inspiration photos for this exciting new time!

White will keep everything sophisticated and clean looking.

Desk pushed up against the back of the couch seems like the way to go!

Cute trunks for storage.

Love the huge lamp and blue rug.

Absolutley LOVE the chairs!

Love the hutch on the desk.

Can't get enough of the chair! I contemplate on getting on which style
of chair I should have...


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