June 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!

While the hubs is off doing some 'military training' I will be having some much needed me time with a side of work, cleaning, and family visits! If I may here are some photos to show my day!

What I am doing right now...

Resting in bed with coffee, my comp, and all while wearing
a flow-y white summer dress at 8:30am.

What I will be doing in a couple of hours...

 Some reorganization, cleaning, and straightening up!

And then on to...

Some work time updating my tennis advertisements and Drake Men! 

I will be fitting time in for some...

Quality time with my cousin

 In an outfit like this

Ending the day off with a date night with the hubs

Going to be a great Saturday followed by a lazy Sunday!

All photos can be found...{here}, {over here}, and {here}.

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