June 29, 2012

Summer Whites...

I have expressed in the last week about how unbelievably hot it is in Houston. Yesterday it reached 102 with 50% humidity! The moment you step outside you almost immediately begin to sweat. Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with my best friend’s mom. We always try new things when we are together and this time it was Blu in the Town Center district of Sugar Land. Their Euro-Asian lunch menu, which is only $12, serves you three courses! Everything that we had was so, so good. I am planning on taking the hubs there sometime!

Before I had even stepped a foot out the door I spent about 30 minutes going through various outfit choices. With this weather you can't wear anything too tight or fitting. Shorts, jeans, and form fitting dresses and tanks were out of the question. I went straight to the back where my dresses hang. Most of them have black in them, along with most of my wardrobe, so those were immediately out. I tried on about four other dresses and ended up with a feminine, candy apple red, ruffled dress that once I put it on I couldn't resist it. The dress is made of chiffon which is light and airy which will keep me nice and cool. It was a hit!

On the way to the restaurant I couldn't help think about all of the dresses that I need to add to my wardrobe. Many of my dresses are from my...college/club years. I could definitely add some more feminine dresses to my closet. I love all white outfits at the moment…they are chic, casual, and keep you cool. I have searched around and here are some of my favs!

Photos: 1/2/3/4/5/6

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