June 28, 2012

Wishing Thursday...

Another day here, spending it all on Drake Men! I have been getting emails through the week about bloggers wanting to do some giveaways which is very exciting and one person imparticular loves our products so much that on his Tumblr page he will be posting a few photos and our link. It made me so happy because he genuinely loves our products!

While I am working on searching for other ways to advertise Drake Men I couldn't help having my mind wonder as I was looking through some of my favorite Tumblr pages and Pinterest.

Wishing I could...

Be working from here

Be wearing this. Although I don't think the 105 degrees will let me!

Having breakfast here...the menu looks so interesting.

Have an entry way that looks like this

End the day with a glass of wine sitting here

Photos found via: {here}&here}

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