June 11, 2012

Wimbeldon In Tommy Hilfiger...

This week is going to be a great one! Not only is Drake Men having it's grand opening tomorrow but Nadal won the French Open this morning. Like I said a fantastic week! Tennis is my passion and if you follow tennis at all then you know that the French Open is the start of the Grand Slam season. In exactly two weeks my absolute favorite tournament will begin, Wimbledon! I am partially biased because I love London and that was the first grand slam tournament I went to. Okay, so I didn't actually go and watch a match because the day we were leaving London was the day before it started but I got to walk the grounds and take tons of photos.

It got me thinking this morning about how I have always wanted to go to Wimbledon and watch the Finals week. Then, if I did go what exactly would I bring to wear? With London you never know. Some days can be in the 80's and sunny while others can be in the high 60's and cloudy. Before I even began my search for clothes to share with you I could only think of one designer that would have everything I would want for the occasion...Tommy Hilfiger. Not only did I find things that I would bring but something for the hubs as well! I am dreaming here, but if I were to go these would be some of the outfits I would be bringing along.

Grand Slams, especially Wimbledon is all about being stylish and comfort. Having a large enough bag that you can fit sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, water bottle, camera, and an umbrella but not look like you just got off the plane with your carry on bag. Take a hint from the players is always best. The rule is that you can only wear white, that is the tradition. So maybe taking whites, creams, and neutrals but pairing them with pops of color. Wearing a white sundress but having blue sunglasses or red flats to brighten it up a bit. No matter what colors you bring just remember one thing...preppy is the way to go. You will for sure fit it in with the style, tradition, and feel of the tournament.

I will be back in a few with some updates on Drake Men's Grand Opening!

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