June 8, 2012

It's Finally Happening...

I have written about this moment in some past posts and I thought I knew what it was going to feel like but boy was I wrong. Tuesday June 12, 2012 is finally the day that my hard work over the last seven months has been about. Leading up to this day I always knew that I was going to be excited, happy, and nervous all rolled into one but what I have been feeling all day is so much different than that. I had experienced all of those emotions for the last few months as things were winding down. Now, this is a whole new feeling and the one thing I can relate it to was when the hubs and I were getting married. I was so happy but I was overly happy because of what the future was going to hold when we woke up that Sunday morning officially married. Working on Drake Men has been the same way, I guess, as a marriage. It has been fun, exciting, made me so happy, and then there were days when I was frustrated and wanted to just not look at one more email but I got through it.

Through this whole process I have accomplished a lot. From not knowing really anything about how to start a business let alone ordering products, finding vendors, or website designing. Now I know all of those things. I think the biggest part of this process is it actually being completed and going live. In the 25 years of my life I have been known to have a great idea, but never see it through, or I will start something but never finish it. Maybe it is safe to say that the majority of the people in my life thought that I wouldn't actually complete Drake Men but they were wrong. I did and it feels great.

The whole day I have been on cloud nine. Thinking about what the future may hold and what I hope it will become. I am a person that dreams big but I also know when to be realistic. Now a days a person can invent something and then 18 months later Facebook buys it for a billion dollars (Instagram). That is fantastic but I am not the type of person that tries to capture that dream. If it happens it would be amazing but I have to be realistic and right now I know that Drake Men has great quality products that will make any guy look amazing. He can go from being in meetings at work to catching up with his friends at happy hour.

No matter what happens I am so thrilled to be doing this. Owning my own business at 25...that's pretty amazing. I have great friends and family that couldn't be more excited for me. I have an amazing husband that  has accomplished so much in his 29 years and he pushes me, with out realizing it, everyday to be better. This coming weekend will be filled with social media galore! Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and blogging will be my job 24/7 and I am sure it won't stop once we launch on Tuesday. Can't believe that this is happening and I must say that I am a very lucky girl!

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