July 13, 2012

Fabulous Finds {Etsy}...

Etsy is one of my favorite shops to find well craftsmanship items. Etsy is to me what Pinterest is to most people, I could spend hours finding new shops that I like. A couple weeks ago I came across Lorayn Leather. She lives in Hong Kong and has a passion hand making leather accessories. While I was reading about her I though a lot about what she was saying and how I completely agreed. She is grateful for being able to do what she loves and sharing her craftsmanship with all of us.

I love handmade products just like Loray does. Products that aren't mass produced have attention to detail like no other. Every product that is made is slightly different from the next. In some ways I always feel when I have purchased a handmade item that there isn't one like it out there. It is true, the one made prior resembles mine but is slightly different. That is why when we designed our line for Drake Men I knew I wanted them all to be handmade.

We have recently begun taking our own product photos for Drake Men and that is why her products caught my eye. I have been searching for a leather strap that is comfortable but has a history, some may say vintage, look to it. That is what I get from Loray's. They have great craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. Besides her camera straps I am eyeing the Mac Air case! I have recently purchased one and have been searching ever since for a case that I really love.

Come by her shop and take a look at her items. I promise you won't be disappointed in how gorgeous each piece is!

Photos taken by Lorayn Leather

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