July 6, 2012

It's Friday!

After a very interesting week Friday is finally here! Having a holiday in the middle of the week had me thinking Wednesday was feeling more like Saturday! Each day this week was great in it's own way...

-Monday I was hard at work with Drake Men
-Tuesday after working on Drake Men we went out with our friends for some $2 margaritas and great Mexican
-Wednesday was the 4th and my guy and I came up with some a new spin on what Drake Men is and will become one day!
-Thursday I didn't get that much work done but I took care of my niece and then went to the pool with my guy and a glass of wine.
-Friday...well the day has just started but I am starting it off here and then I am off to visit an old family friend for lunch. I am sure I will fit the gym, Starbucks, and picking up a few things for dinner tonight.

Sounds like it is going to be a great day! Like I do most Friday's I look at some new sites to log photos that catch my eye. I generally like to make a story line about it and this is mine for this gorgeous Friday...
Going to a bookstore for a new book

Found out where to make vintage labels like these for my kitchen

Iced coffee date is a must for every weekend

Wishing I could cook something in this kitchen

Possibly wearing an outfit like this

Having a drink and some small appetizers at this mosaic bar

I also wouldn't mind spending a day here, with a coffee in my hand and the good book I picked up at the bookstore! A girl can dream right?!

Have a great weekend all of my lovely readers! I hope that you decide to come by Drake Men and pick out a great tie that's 20% off for the men in your life. You can't ever go wrong with great vintage, classic hand-made ties from Italian wool. Happy Weekend!

Photos: {here}, {this place}, {over here}

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