July 30, 2012

Red & Black...

No matter how many times I vow to change it up, get a new color palette, or simply cut them out of my wardrobe it never fails...black and red always creeps back in! Ever since I could dress myself these two colors were the dominate ones. From my wardrobe to my first apartment.

For my wardrobe black and white have been largely apart of every outfit. In the fall I practically live in whites and blacks. Spring and Summer comes around and I do what I did the previous year-make a choice to wear more color. And I usually do for a while and then I start missing, actually missing, my black and reds. Crazy right?!

Our home is a little different. I can't really put a label on our style. We have mixed pieces everywhere. A couple of vintage brown leather chairs, a red japanese inspired entryway table, and then we have the modern entertainment center, and so on. When I see something in red or black I am immediately drawn to it. I have to take a step back because who wants to live in a box of red and black!

I think my love for these two combos will still live on!

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