July 30, 2012

Coffee Break Time {Shop DML Closet!}

If you haven't noticed there is a new addition to the 'pages' at the top! That's right I have been doing some long and hard thinking about my closet. The old me would wait a few years, bring out a big trash bag, and stuff it with clothes that I haven't worn in years. This process killed me! Most of my clothes are in great condition and cost me a pretty penny.

There are always different routes to go; etsy, ebay, etc. None of those really worked for me. I wanted a quick and easy way to sell the best pieces in my closet to other fashionable girls out there! I have shopped on Copious for a few months and today it finally clicked! After racking my brain, rummaging through my closet, and doing a mini photo shoot I have created my own little shop. I know I am not one of those bloggers that post about my outfits everyday but I promise you that you won't be disappointed!

Here are a few listings...

If you are wanting to see more just click on the 'Shop DML' at the top and it will direct you to my shop!

Photos by Shannon

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