July 27, 2012

Three Shops!

Well hello...it's Friday!! We all know it is by far my favorite day of the week. I am even more excited about the opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight. I have a a wonderful meal planned that my guy and I can sit on the couch and enjoy. Steak salad topped with avocado, black beans, and tomatoes. It wouldn't be complete with out some chips, salsa, and margaritas!

Before all that is happening I am going to bring you three shops that I have been eyeing for a while. All three can be found on Etsy!

Three Little Ducks is a boutique label that sells high-qualtiy fashions. They have such great designs for women. I love how they keep it simple, sleek, sophisticated, and feminine. Every women wants to feel like that when they walk out the door!


These are great right?! These are my favorite looks!

These two sisters from RosellaResin are awesome! They have created wearable art. I am loving all of their hand made designs. From bangles to rings...they are so unique and nothing like I have seen before.

The last ring is my favorite. It's simple, chic, and would go with anything! This two girls are amazing with what they can do!

Okay so a few days ago I wrote an afternoon post on possibly adding to my purse collection. Matches K just may be the place for that! Scrolling through each design I kept thinking "I want that one...love that...oh no I want that one"! Don't you love when you can find a shop that everything you can find a use for!

These purchases are gorgeous and hand made with Italian leather. Oh my gosh...so gorgeous!

I hope you take some time on this Friday to stop on over and find a few things you just 'have to have'! Have a wonderful Friday.

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