August 23, 2012

Before I'm 30...

When I was younger my mom made us say our goals for the year. We would do it twice a year. Once would be the night before our first day of school and then again on New Years. Mine were always the same-"Make better grades, study more, keep my room clean, say 'yes ma'am'". Can you guess how many I kept?! Yeah I don't remember but doubtful I kept every one of them.

Over the last five years I have attempted to make a list of yearly goals but always got distracted or never really thought I could accomplish any of them. Where is my confidence right?! I am kind of known for starting something and then never finishing it-true story. It could be with anything. Last October that all changed when I vowed to get Drake Men launched by the Summer of 2012. June 22 it launched and I was so excited.

From then on I have tried to muster up the courage to start another 'Goal list'. This time I am not doing it based yearly. Simply I would like to accomplish all these things by the time I'm 30. By putting this up on my site I am hoping that it will be a daily reminder to get these things done. I am counting on you guys to keep me in check. If it has been a long time since one has been crossed off-send me an email and say 'WTF Shannon...what are you doing over there?'

Before 30…

1. Launch Drake Men
2. Buy the house where my guy and I will start our family.
3. Start a blog
4.Go to Europe with my guy.
5. Start a family
6. Spend New Years Eve in NYC Time Square
7.Reach my ultimate goal weight *in a healthy way
8. Start my non-profit organization
9. Be on the Today Show-maybe corny but always wanted to be.
10. Create an online magazine
11. Inspire someone
12. Hike up Texas’s highest mountain (Guadalupe Peak).
13, Buy my own car
14. Go on a girl’s trip with my sisters, mom, and Aunt (preferably London!)
15. Go on a wine tour in Napa Valley, CA
16. Run a marathon
17. Become fluent in Spanish
18. Have an article written about Drake Men
19. Be able to hire my sister to head all of Drake Men’s Advertising
20. Become a part-time tennis instructor
21. Write down everything in a journal.
22. Read more books. *only half crossed out because I am reading WAY more than last year
23.Take my mom on a shopping spree.
24. Go on a spontaneous trip with my guy
25. Buy a home in El Salvador

I am hoping that this will be me when I am finished!

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  1. My dear sweet Shannon - it is mom here. You will be glad to know when you were young, you kept most of the goals you set for yourself. So glad to see you are continuing with your goal setting and have set some very aggressive ones. Remember to continue adding to your goals as some are crossed off; you will never become complacent, always aspiring to be better. All of my love, your biggest fan, your devoted Mom

    P.S. spree, hum...sounds good!!! :-)