August 22, 2012

What Now...Back To Work, Girl

I have been consumed with thoughts and ideas this morning. I haven't been much in the mood to blog, sorry but it's true. Different things have been on my mind. Drake Men and trying to grow the business, trying to decide which direction it should go in. I am the typical over thinker, over analyze everything. When it comes time to a decision I run it through my mind 100 times. I think of every possible good and bad thing that will come along with it...I like to cover all angles. 

This morning, I think I was so mentally exhausted from doing this that I didn't have anything left in me to push 'Publish'. I had a nice little breaker when my sister brought my niece over. She turns 5 months today and I get to babysit her while her momma is working hard! It was a great breather that I needed.

Now, I am back into gear. Of course, wholesale vs consignment is still running through my mind which way we should go. Drake Men will be getting a blog soon! This I am very excited about. It will be much different than DML but you are welcome to visit the site anytime. It will be geared towards men, thats obvious, but I am one of those girls who reads GQ, Esquire, and tons of men's fashion blogs. The good looking men on those blogs are just the bonus to the fashion and articles *side smirk. 

As the photo says 'Back to work, girl' *elongating girl to sound more hip! 

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