August 29, 2012

Botox and Face Lift Time...

Keep your eyes peeled for a new look, layout, and possibly a new name! That's right. Ever since DML started I want to keep making changes-like every day-true story. I think it is time for a little face lift around here. I have been playing around with a few different names that have a little bit more 'umph' to it. I am pretty excited! Currently there isn't an exact date. When it gets a few days out I will give you a heads up so that way when you stop by you won't be immediately exit out because you don't recognize me!

Maybe you are wondering why now? Well, Drake Men is getting ready to launch it's blog. While I have been working on that it has given me so many design inspirations and changes to make around here. We can always use improvements. I figured if I am not already busy enough why don't we through a redesign, rebranding, and new name in for DML too!

Stay tuned!

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