August 29, 2012

Get Up and Get Out!

Not is this a little funny to me but it is-hit you between your eyes-true. I come across so many people that have talent and create a wonderful and successful business out of it but just don't seem to want to get up off their butts. Some of these people are my close friends. I had one friend tell me the other day that I should be the one to help them. I gave him a-are you kidding me?-expression. I didn't see how that was possible. Yes I have my own business and we are steadily increasing sales but by no means am I a "big hit" or a "major success". 

He explained to me that it wasn't about that. I have already taken the time to do all the research on how to find certain manufacturers, how to get a hold of a great web designer, and essentially launch a business. All I have to do is share the information that I know with these people. Help them be able to work for themselves. 

I am still a little, iffy, on the whole thing. Probably not something I would do for a while. Obviously, if someone came to me asking for advice I would gladly give it. That has actually already happened to me and I thoroughly enjoyed guiding her through the process. I don't know...maybe someday. 

In either case I love this quote! It put a smile on my very tired, sleepy, face. He-He.

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