August 8, 2012

Crushing On...

This cute house! Not only is it tiny and adorable but the color and overall look of this house gives me the kind of feeling where I wouldn't mind knocking on their door just to see the inside. Oh how I wish Houston, or Texas, in general had a house like this.

Absolutely loving this chic look. Not to mention I love white on white ensembles. They are classic, modern, but still feminine. From the clothes down to the hair and accessories...perfect.

I believe every word of this. I think being unique is what makes this world go round. Imagine if everyone was the same-boring! I love people that I have met through out my life that are so different from me. A lot of my friends are the same way. They don't always agree with every decision that I make. They challenge me every time we are together. And that's what I love.

Photos: 1/2/3

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