August 7, 2012

Cutest House Ever {To Me!}...

Fresh off my weekend in Dallas I have the Real Estate bug! It's really all my sisters fault *giving my side smirk. They are currently looking for a home in North Dallas, for the schools. Sunday was a great day when we got to go to an open house and I was all over that place. I kept looking at my mom saying "this house needs to be in Houston!".

The whole way home I was dreaming about a house like that. I searched a little bit this morning but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. This one house is small, 2bd/2bth, but is the cutest thing ever! With all the history in the area, the homes reflect that, and the short distance to all the hot spots in Houston... I mean why not?! Two years at the most we will be in our condo so for now I must continue to fawn over homes that I find.

Look how adorable!

The perfect size for the the light fixture.

Not completely updated but definitely workable and still so cute.

Nice size living room

Love all the light that comes through...

View from the master bedroom! Having it be separate from the house is nice.

Vaulted ceiling with woodwork...yes please!

Bathroom would definitely be a problem...too small.

 Wouldn't you like to live next to these beauties?

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