August 7, 2012

Fashion Tuesday {Pink Lovin'}...

Hi everyone, it's Tuesday which means another installment of Fashion Tuesday! Today is all about, basically every girls favorite color, pink! No matter if its a flow-y dress or accessorizing with a pink clutch every women has an instant feeling of femininity. I love that feeling when I put on an outfit and I feel confident, feminine, and ready to take on the world!

I will let my girl take Fashion Tuesday over...

Hey DML readers! It's me Ashley from Glitter&Gold with another segment of my Tuesdays fashion series! As you can see lately the color pink has been my obsession. Maybe it's just the fact that summer is slowly ending and I am  trying to wear as much summer clothes as I can. This last pink dress I have been longing for! I was able to find a darker version of this dress; click here to check it out!

Here are some more pink must have! The fabulous think about these items is that any of them can easily carry over into the Fall season!

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  1. Wow! I love the Pink Satchel and last skirt. Nice post :)