August 20, 2012

New At Shop DML!

This morning I may have been tired but with all the shopping I wanted to update my Copious shop! Over the weekend my guy and I did damage with tax-free weekend! I am a good girl when it comes to the purchase of clothes these days. The number of items that I purchase is the same amount I try to take out of my closet.

Because I love the fact that you guys let me be apart of your daily life I would love to do something for you guys! Copious doesn't do coupons at checkout-blah. But what I can do is give you guys free shipping! If you are interested in making a purchase on any of the items at Shop DML I will change the shipping amount to Free! Just for you guys *wink. All you have to do is Contact me with the item you are wanting and I will send you an email back letting giving you the green light.

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