September 12, 2012

Hold Please...

Please excuse me for today! I am in the middle of working on the new design and basically new website for my blog! Yes you heard that name, new URL, new everything-very exciting. Today you can find me over on my Tumblr page or Pinterest if you find yourself missing me! The weather here in Houston has been nothing short of amazing and I have gotten a tad crazy with pinning Fall inspired outfits.

*Side note*

Drake Men has had a Facebook page for awhile now. I hadn't really been doing anything with it until 6 days ago. I decided to set a goal for myself that by the end of the month we would go from 62 clicks to 100. Well! I am very happy to say that by placing one ad we have had an overwhelming amount of clicks each day and now we are 2 short of my original goal! 

I didn't know how long to get the Likes-hence the four week time frame- but I am overjoyed that it has only been a short 6 days! It may seem like a tiny little goal to be so excited about but I look at it like this. The ad I placed didn't say "come Like Drake Men page"! It stated that Fall was around the corner and to come by our site to get your wardrobe ready. The fact that people have done that as well as Liked our page is *with a huge smile on my face* exciting for me!

Now my new goal is something like 200 Likes by October 10! Short term goals achieved are great ways to boost confidence and generate better long term goals. 

If you would like to help and genuinely like our products then pop on over to our Facebook page and Like us!

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