September 11, 2012

It's All In The Change...

If you remember over these last few weeks I have been mentioning a change that will be happening around here. I have been working on it this week, on the side of Drake Men, and I cannot wait to share it with you guys this week!

A lot of thinking has gone on about the new name, new layout, new design, and the amazing content that I am so excited about. Over the last year I have loved blogging. I had always wanted to try it and I took the leap and have enjoyed the ride. My one problem was the fact that I went into it without a strategy. I didn't know exactly what the content was going to be. What I would write about. How I would attract views, everything.

Like everything else I do, I take the 'learn as I go' route. Maybe it works to my advantage and maybe it doesn't. But either way I am learning, I grow, and I make things better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to do a 're-launch' of the blog. For so long I have been trying to find my voice and I feel like I finally have gotten a hold of it. I know now what I am supposed to be doing and where my place is. I thought in the beginning if I could just chronicle everything that I love that it would be fine. Not that there is anything wrong with that but what I found was that you get a jumbled up blog with posts about everything under the sun.

Yesterday I took a step back and wrote down about down the handful of blogs that I-mildly stalk-and why I enjoy them so much. I got the same result for each one. They stick to one thing that they are passionate about and go full speed ahead. Everyday I go to those few blogs and I know exactly what I am going to find-greatness. They have been my inspiration.

So after all of this maybe I should have waited until I understood the blogosphere a little more. But then again I wouldn't have been able to converse with you fine people. And for me, that's what I really enjoy. I am a huge talker. True story. I get excited when a receive an email to say a 'thank you' or even just a question about a post that I had written. Not to get too mushy here but- thank you guys. Ya'll are the best!

And now...back to work for me! This weekend was rough on me with long nights, working well into the morning, but it pays off! Literally. :)

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