September 5, 2012

Mid Week...

Around this time I get the mid-week syndrome. It's when a control freak, like me, wants to hurry up and complete everything so that when Friday rolls around I won't have any work. I keep forgetting that it won't be happening for this week. Seeing as how I neglected to work Monday that means my Friday is really my Thursday...get it?! Yeah I sometimes loose myself in all of it too.

However, this week has flown by. My guy and I have a lot to do these days. We have finally made a consistent weekly meeting schedule. So just when I think my work is over with for the day 9 pm rolls around every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I find myself sitting at our desk talking over various things. All things considered it's actually really good for us. See my guy works about 10 hour days, that's including traffic time. Because of how different our days are it was always hard to find time to sit down when we both could for meetings. We would end up working out and talking, eating dinner and talking about Drake Men, even getting ready for bed and have a little impromptu meeting. This always bothered me. I like schedule. I like to have a plan, to know what my day will consist of. On Monday we forced ourself to find time...and we have and it has been great ever since!

Today is busy with designing, blogging, prepping for the meeting tonight, and trying to find time for a 90 min workout and possibly a few breaks. The one thing that has kept my mind at ease is the temperature here in Houston. Finally it is not 100 or 98 will be 95 today. To me, this means it keeps lowering and before I know it Fall is right around the corner!

I cannot wait to get myself into one of these outfit-

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