September 5, 2012

Lighter and Better...

I try to do this everyday. And so far I have been successful the last 7 days. About two weeks ago I took it upon myself to take an internal vow that I would kick up my workouts to be longer, harder, and more consistent. Having played tennis from a very young age I always had to workout, everyday. I did but I didn't enjoy it. I associated working out with a job I didn't want to show up for. This is probably why I spent most of my tennis career "not fit enough".

A few years ago when my guy was serving in Iraq I started to workout hard. The payoff was great. I was the lightest I had ever been, 120, I was strong, and I felt great. Of course the idea behind this was I was going to show up the night my guy got in and shock him with my new look. I did too.

For him being over seas deprived him of his much loved food. So mexican food creeped back into my diet more frequently, spending less time at the gym, and going to movies while snacking on pop-corn and then BAM! All of a sudden I was 15 lb.. heavier.

Ever since then I have 'played' around in the gym. I will work out hard for 30 min and then lighten up the rest of my routine because I was so mad at myself for getting out of shape. There are two people out there. The ones that strap on their boots and get to their goal and then the others that sulk on the coach with TV and food. I didn't always have food. For the past 4 years I have been satisfied with how I look and I normally go between 130-135, but I realized that I wanted to get back to where I was. I mean the only thing stopping me is me.

These last two weeks I have been more aware of what I am eating and how much I am working out. Instead of going on a crazy diet until I hit my goal weight-then the pounds would just pile on once I started eating normal food-I decided to switch them. Eat less and workout more. Simple. I am a big snacker through out the afternoon. On Sunday instead of getting chex-mix and crackers I got fruit and lots of it. I snack primarily on celery with a side of peanut butter or strawberries and bananas.

Getting to my goal weight will be an amazing accomplishment but being able to stay there will be even greater. I have found a new love for my workouts. I used to plan everything out and then I would psych myself out. Now I do 40 minutes of cardio everyday. I switch it up everyday-right now I am really enjoying running. Three times a week I add on weights. Not too many but just about 6 exercises. Then I finish up with about 300 sit ups.

Now none of this is new to me. I have done all of this before. I am one of those people that just has a life and a love for food and that get's in the way. Not an excuse I know but that's what I have got. This is a great stress reliever for me and a lot of them time I always say to myself "I can't wait to run off this day".

So for now I am going to finish up my emails and then when my guy gets home we are going to hit up the gym together!

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