September 25, 2012

Why The New Name...

I am sure that when you clicked on my link yesterday you were taken aback by the new name. Were you thinking "umm am I on the right page"? Well, yes you are actually! A lot of thought went into the changes I have made here. Seriously. 

About two weeks ago I honestly considered just shutting the whole page down. I wasn't quite sure how the new look and vibe would go over. I received overwhelming responses through email loving the 'fresh look' and 'great vibe' that it brings. Many smiles were on my face yesterday! Some may be thinking that why wouldn't people leave comments instead of writing an email. Well, my theory is that I always respond within a two hour window to emails and I also don't give a generic response. I really sit down and right out an email and most of the time I will have conversations with my readers through out the day. I love it and that is why I decided to go full speed ahead with the changes.

Okay. On to the name. Shannon Leigh is my first and middle name. Because of every combo I could think of that included Shannon Leigh for my URL was taken I came up with using a name I always loved; Dylan Drake. I also didn't want to change the URL completely and you guys wouldn't be able to find me! 

When my decision was made about the template I then started writing down names. I had about six that I really liked but Shannon Leigh kept popping out at me. There are SO many blogs today and so many of them consist of the same words-Designing My Life was no different hence wanting a change. I have learned to love my name. I remember growing up I wasn't in love with it. I was born doing the Julie, Jennifer, Jessica era so naturally I wanted to have a 'popular' name. My name to me now is classic and pretty-plus I love the way it looks on the blog! 

So there you go that was my whole thinking behind it. I know it sounds complicated right?! *laughing*. It is different than most others, it's something that I feel I own, and it represents me. A classic name written in modern text. After all I am the author of this blog.

For my tagline, that was fairly easy for me. "The general blog" was something I have always wanted to use somewhere and it just happened to fit perfectly in with my changing process. General blog has two meanings behind it. One is very simple. I am fascinated by general stores back in the 60's and 70's. I think there should be more out there today. Being able to walk to the corner and get food, household products, clothes, and little nicknacks that you will probably never use. 

Secondly, the content will follow in the term general as well as what the stores used to provide-a little bit of everything. I am not dedicating this blog to just interior design, only fashion, or only my personal life. Will it contain a little bit of each of those things, absolutely. Will it be more structured instead of just random things everyday-yes. 

I think the biggest change around here will be that I am going to write more. Write about things that are happening in my life and how they are affecting me. I think it is important to have a place that you can relate to the author and the hurdles they are trying to get over. We can find loads of interior design and fashion devoted blogs-I stalk about 20 of them! 

In a way this will be a personal outlet for me. I am learning a lot right now about business and I feel that I have knowledge that I can lend to others that are just starting out. When I first took the leap to quite my job and just plunge right into being a business owner it was terrifying. For a long time I felt alone. I couldn't find a good blog or forum that I could relate to the author. So now, here I am. I am still new, still learning, but willing to share my experiences. 

I hope you enjoy the new look, name, and the changes that will come. Hopefully you will still find time to stop by here every once in a while! I love receiving emails so please feel free to comment or email me at anytime. I am always happy to listen and help in anyway I can.

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