October 30, 2012

Modern Dublin Home..

Haven't you ever sat back and thought to yourself "I wonder if I could find photos of what my dream home would look like from top to bottom"? Well I do-daily. I have been on a mission to find a home that already incorporates everything that I would. Modern but still has a- I could curl up here and read a book-feel. Preferably an older home that has been restored so you find little parts of the house still in keeping with the original build. Well I think I have found it.

Doesn't it look gorgeous...and that couch. Oh my that wonderful burgundy couch.

I am a fan of dark colors. At times I feel like they make a house look too dark and dreary but here I find it handsome and charming.

You would find me here frequently. I wouldn't mind doing the dishes while looking on at the TV or out the beautiful garden.

The stairs may be my favorite part of the house!

And I absolutely love the old door, checkered floor, and the wallpapered walls. 

One thing I love his how the homeowners placed the furniture. It has a great layout and I could see myself sitting at that desk working...all day.

I mean come on...who wouldn't want to take a bath in here?!

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