November 1, 2012

Back On Track...

My life is very full at the moment. This morning was my first workout-cardio + weights-in one whole month. This has been the longest I have gone with out working out. I wish I could have an awesome excuse for the lack of visits but it is truly because I just haven't felt motivated enough to go. Horrible I know.

I have never been excited to work out but I always knew it was something that I had to do. I love the way I feel during and after my workout. That reminder got me into the gym every day, usually about 5 times a week for an hour.

Lately I just haven't had motivation to do it. For some reason that I am still searching for. Maybe I needed a break? Maybe I needed a new routine? I don't know. Of course I had to change my daily diet because I wasn't working out so it meant less portions, more protein, and no sweets.

This morning I finally got myself up out of bed and went to the gym. I was so sleepy but within about 3 minutes I was feeling better and on my way to my old self. I was initially just going to do some light cardio but that turned into running, weights, and crunches. I guessed I missed it!

The holidays are fast approaching and I always make a pact with myself to continue my workouts but also allow myself to indulge a little. Let me just tell you...I never stick to this. Maybe through Thanksgiving but once December hits I find excuses to get out of the gym. It's so horrible.

What is different about this year is that I have you guys! I am hoping that if I saw it 'out loud' to you that I will have to hold myself accountable. I am hoping anyway! For one the photo above is so motivating...who wouldn't want to be able to do that?

My thought process is that every Thursday on here it will have something to do with nutrition or fitness. That way it will always be in the forefront of my mind and keep me motivated!

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