October 8, 2012

Sweater Weather - I Need Coffee

Love me some sweater weather...

Houston has welcomed cooler weather! Only if it is for three whole days, this girl will gladly take it. I am finally recovering from my cold. It happened so quickly and was not pleasant at all. I would say that I am about 98% myself. 

With Fall in full swing here I got to use my sweater weather clothes and I loved it. Now onto more important things-coffee. Duh! I have been without coffee for a whole week and besides having withdrawals I am in much need of some. Today will be a day that I mix house work with Drake Men. I rarely do this because it is easy for me to become sidetracked. But unless someone will dust, vacuum, swifter, and do my laundry I really see no other option!

Thank you for hanging in there last week with my lack of posting. It was rough for a few days but I am excited to get back onto the bandwagon! New week, great weather, and lots of orders to fill. It is looking to be a great Monday!

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