October 18, 2012

{The Importance} Of Supporting Small Businesses...

Yesterday a friend of mine put something on her twitter page that just simply said #racism and I immediately was intrigued by what she meant. I few seconds later a more detailed explanation came that was followed by the link to her blog. Wondering what this could be I hopped on over to see what I could find. Well, to my dismay I was shocked and disgusted by what her and her family had gone through earlier in the day.

Roxy at Society Social isn't a great friend of mine but we have occasionally emailed back and forth over the year. She was actually the very FIRST blogger to answer an email and give me some advice on launching a business. Ever since then I always want to keep up with what she is doing which is fairly often because her company has exploded over the last year-which just so happens to be the first year too!

I feel that it is not my place to go into great detail about what she experienced but if you are I encourage you to visit her blog, Cup of Te. The one thing that I would like to say is in a time when we should be promoting small business, encouraging growth, and help in anyway that we can this man decided to be dismissive based on his own personal opinion and narrow-mindedness. We all work so hard to be able to grow our businesses to be self sustainable and have a way to support ourselves. To be turned away like that is...unfathomable to me. This man should know better.

Over the last eight years I have witnessed looks, whispers, and one unfortunate conversation about my guy and I. Yes we are an interracial couple. It is so strange to type that because I honestly have never thought about it nor do I think it should bother anyone. But it does, so unfortunate. I have come across people that feel the need to 'educate' me about us and I simply shake my head in disappointment. How can people form an opinion without ever speaking to us. I just don't understand that.

Enough of me because this isn't about my guy and I it is about Roxy, Society Social, and all small businesses out there. We should be helping one another and not shooting each other down. I am proud to say that I own a small business that is continually growing and I would love to help in anyway I can with others.


Enough about that now I would like to spend a few minutes on Roxy's wonderful business. I must say I cannot wait to purchase a home, hopefully next year, and buy a bar cart. My guy would freak out! He loves his 'bar' that we have in our condo but I would like to get him one that is a true bar cart. Currently ours is a smaller version of a buffet table that goes into a dining room. It has storage which we need but also allows my guy to display his prize possessions...liquor.

Here are a few other things that I currently fawn over...

I have been searching for coasters for about a year now and these are wonderful! Plus these are custom so you can put whatever you like on them. 
I mean lets be honest here. Who can't use gold striped napkins? So elegant. 

I mean do I really need to go into detail? The name says it all. Gorgeous and understated.

Another one of her gorgeous pieces. One of my favorites!

Another piece I would love to add to whatever home we purchase.

I could use this anywhere. Living room, bar, kitchen, bathroom...places are endless.

One of their new arrivals & current favorite! Perfect for my couch!

Wouldn't you want to be the hostess with the most-ess! L.O.V.E. these and the idea.

My a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e favorite. *Sigh* So gorgeous.

I encourage you to read Roxy's post and support her business in anyway you can! Have a wonderful Thursday luvies.

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