October 17, 2012

A Mother's Love...

I have to take a little bit of time and dedicate this post to my middle sister and my beautiful niece...

A first time mother has a lot of firsts. The first time their child crawls is one of the big ones. Whether it's getting down herself to crawl, dragging a toy in front of her, or kneeling opposite her daughter while patting the hard wood floors she has tried it. I think in a mothers mind they think they know how they will react when it happens. Cheering, screaming, crying, or maybe all of the above.

As my sister waiting anxiously these last couple of weeks knowing that she was so close to doing it, last night it happened. During the Presidential Debate I received a photo text. When I opened it I didn't read the caption I just saw the photo. I already knew what happened without reading anything. I saw one of the cutest photos ever. In my family we high-five...for just about anything. Well my niece knew just what to do when she saw her mother collapse on the floor, held her head in her hands, and sobbed in the joy of her baby girls first big move. Some may say she is comforting her mother, which is true, but she is doing it the Drake way with a good old fashioned high-five.

Makes me smile. 

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