October 17, 2012

Working Hard {Oh Yes, I Need More Coffee}...

Finding this was like reading my own thoughts. The driving part is a little far fetched but I can understand part of it. I do happen to completely agree with the first sip of coffee in the morning. For me I silently say "mmm so good"...does that make me a little nuts? If it does so be it!

I have been busy lately with Drake Men and our up coming show for this Saturday but I didn't want to neglect you guys...never!  Here are a bits and pieces from the last few days...

Halloween preparations has arrived!

Boxes, product boxes, shipping boxes...I seem to keep getting more and more boxes!

Two page to-do list...so much fun :)

Starting off my day the right way! Juice Plus to full my system because lets
be honest...how many of us eat the right amount of fruits and veggies?!

Monday Night Football at it's best!

So exhausted. This is my 'laying down' view when I took my work
from the office to my bed.

Last Friday night at my cousins football game = quality family time and photo ops.

Workshop filled Saturday

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