November 14, 2012

Dramatic Rooms, Faux Fur, and More Coffee...

I have never been one to deny my love for the color black. My wardrobe is made mostly of this color and I wouldn't mind my house reflecting that either. For a while I know that dark colors had a misconception of giving off a dark and possibly-disturbed-vibe. Now black, as well as other dark, rich colors, are used to add drama to a room. 

I am all for it. I love the color black, on me, on my walls, and sometimes how I like my coffee. Being a dramatic person myself-always using my hands to talk and exaggerating my stories to make them more compelling-I am sure you can figure out why I like the dramatic colors. Even as I type this post I am wearing a faux fur jacket, with my night dress. True story. Always have to be fashionable whether on a date, at work, or sitting at home! 

Photo: {here} & {here}

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