January 4, 2013

HI! It's Been A While...

Hello there! It has been SO long...3 weeks long. So much has happened. A wonderful job, the holiday season, Santa came, and another year ended while a new and excited one started.

How was everyone's holiday and new year?! Mine was fantastic. Lots of amazing gifts, amazing food, and a little too much of a good time-if you know what I mean. For the first time my guy and I spent NYE in Dallas and went on a little bar crawl. We walked up and down the town and stopped in bars that looked like fun. We ended up at The Old Monk to ring in the new year with a free bottle of Champagne, a few beers, loud 90's music blaring, and tons of friendly people. One of the best NYE my guy and I have had probably.

Now on to 2013. I am going to make this year one of my best. I think most of us say that every new year but this year I really, really mean it. I have ideas, goals, and plans on how to get there and I couldn't be more excited about them.

One thing that I will see out is finishing the house. Yes, it has been a 3 year in the making process. I don't know if it's because its a new year or what but I am loving gold. Strange for me to say this because I have always been the girl that talks about it behind it's back. True story. I always hated gold. The yellow look to it, old feel it brought to an outfit or house, but now I am loving it because of those reasons. Go figure.

Gorgeous right? 

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