February 9, 2013

Is It An Apparition?

Nope! It is most definitely not...I have just been a tad busy at work. My 8-5 job as well as Drake Men. Being away for so long does allow me to write a rather lengthy post about all the things that have been catching my eye.

Some of you guys are currently stuck in a blizzard where as, us in Houston, are feeling Spring fever already. For someone who loves the colder season I am actually very happy to feel the 70 degree weather outside. It's getting me into the mood of cleaning out my closet, donating clothes, to make room for new and interesting pieces from Spring collections. I will get back to that in a moment, for now here are a few things that have been holding my interest.

Have you seen this clip?! OMG, I have probably watched this at least five times. The title of it being "The most honest three minutes in TV history". Umm yeah, totally agree, 100%. It captivated me the minute I started watching it. I might have to start watching The Newsroom on HBO and I will have this clip to thank.

With every changing season comes a rotation in the handbag department. Unfortunately, for my husband, I am not satisfied with any of mine for this Spring season. So...that means a new bag right? Yes. I will be perfectly happy with either of these gorgeous bags from Madewell.

Now I know that I am stretching here. My hair will never look this hot and sexy but a girl can dream right? For the last few weeks now I have been thinking of chopping my hair off. I could give myself 6 more months and I will be able to practically sit on my hair. For someone who l.o.v.e.s long hair this is a big step for me. Looking at photos with girls that have short hair...I just can't help myself but think hell yes please!

What about you? Short vs. long hair...

Have you seen the Oscar nominated animated short film, The Paperman? If you have about 5 minutes I highly recommend it. It is romantic, funny, and so well made. I hope it takes the win.

Okay now back to my closet cleaning process. Zara's new Spring collection has me drooling. The structured, colorful, sexy pieces are so gorgeous. I would gladly donate most of my wardrobe just so my husband would give me the green light to purchase every single piece. Granted I don't have to ask permission to buy anything but this might be a several hundred dollar trip. I have to be respectful enough to inform him of what may happen-right?

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