February 15, 2012

A Little Wall Decor...

I am not speaking about shelves, photos, or mirrors. Luxurious textured wallpaper to be exact. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Dallas our hotel had the most gorgeous wallpaper. It was a warm brown color with silver, greige (beige+grey), and strands of gold running through it. It was amazing and I told my mom I had to have that in my bathroom. I made a phone call to my husband to get the 'go' on redoing our bathroom walls...again. The two previous colors just haven't done it for me! Ha-Ha.

The wallpaper turned into an hour long discussion, with my mom, about changing the tile and cabinets as well. I have been doing some research on my end about wallpaper. I have never used it nor do I know how to shop for it. Along with my research came with several different photos of rooms that used textured/linen wallpaper. I must say that each room I absolutely love. This type of wallpaper dresses up the room and gives it a glamour factor-what girl doesn't want a little glamour! They each look sophisticated, luxurious, warm, and has dimension.

I can't wait to get started on this project. Hopefully within the next few months!

What about you? Would you use wallpaper at all? If so, what about using some with texture?

The wallpaper from the hotel...

 A close-up view

 Photos of inspiration...


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  1. hey girlfriend! so ran across your blog...and just haaaddd to comment on this post bc I am legit obsessed with grasscloth on the walls! The dining room photo you posted is awesome...I love what a subtley textured wall does to a room! Hope to see your bathroom once you add some of this to it!