February 16, 2012

Thursday Real Estate Round Up {Seaside Sensation}...

A few weeks ago I started posting a couple of homes that were on the market here in Houston. This all started because I love looking at real estate at any price range. One of the best things about Houston is that we have some of the most diverse styles of homes. I spoke a little about this last week too. You can go down a street in the Galleria area, where I live, and you will find some mid-rise condos next to three story town homes, across the street from a remodeled 1950's bungalow, and that is adjacent to a traditional "mini" mansion. It makes the streets so interesting and fun to drive down, you will also find yourself going "Oh, I love that house" to every single one.

Not only does Houston have a number of different style homes to choose from the houses are also gorgeous inside and out. I received a few emails on the last two houses (1,2) I posted and their number one comment was "I didn't know Houston had houses like these!" This is most peoples assumptions would be. They think that Houston has subdivisions where you drive down the street and each house looks the exact same. In some areas, on the outskirt, this may be true. In the heart of the city this is just not the case. That comment is what pushed me to continue doing this post every week!

For the last month my parents have been working on their house down in Galveston. They are building a huge, fabulous retirement home and the whole family cannot wait for the finished product...only 6-7 months left! This week I thought I would bring you a house that is located in the subdivision, Beachtown, in Galveston. I believe that Galveston also gets a bad reputation for not being a 'Miami beach' but just wait until you see this place. My sister and I tried to get my parents to purchase a house in Beachtown, but for Hurricane purposes they decided to move inland about half a mile. This gorgeous $2.25 million, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 2 car garage, 3 stories, with almost 6,000 sq ft is a wonderful place...inside and out!

This gorgeous house has a wrap around porch and two balconies, the full length of the whole house. Interior design in this house is spot on. Perfect for this house, the location, whether its a summer place or a year long house. This may be the first house that I can say I love every single room...especially the bathrooms!

 Love all the red doors!

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  1. Your dad and I love this home too!! Hoping we can capture the feel of this home.