March 14, 2012

Change of Season...

The forecast shows for the next week a steady stream of 80 degree days. The good portion of my day today will be spent in my closet. Fiddling through things to get rid of, keep, or donate. I will be changing out my Winter clothes to my Summer wardrobe!

I started a little bit of this yesterday when it was too hot to wear any of the clothes I had out. I climbed up the ladder to the top shelf and pulled down one of the trunks. It was like looking at a whole new wardrobe. Ha! Shorts, skirts, dresses that I hadn't seen since October. It made me so excited for today's project to come.

I am hoping that in between the changing of the season's wardrobes I can fit some decor in there. Walking into your closet should give you a happy feeling, a feeling of inspiration of the future outfits to come. I have had the idea for a while to frame some of the beautiful shopping bags I have received over the years and frame some outfit photos. I have at least a couple hundred of photos of outfits that I continue to inspire me. My husband is going to come home to a new closet tonight!

Just a few of my favorite closet photos...

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