March 14, 2012

Closet Project...

As I said this morning, today I was going to spend the majority of it in our closet changing out my wardrobe. I expected it to maybe take an hour-tops. Well, almost four hours later I am finally finished! I didn't have time to hang the outfit photos but after what I went through organizing I was a pretty tired.

The hubs and I have been, slowly, renovated our closet over the last year. We originally had the cheap, white racks and with the closet being so narrow we had about a foot to walk through once all of our clothes were hung. It made it difficult for us to be in there at the same time. Taking turns walking in was what motivated us to renovate! Last summer we pulled everything out, repainted (used to be a dark yellow color from the previous owner) and then we put in custom shelving from Lowe's. Our custom shelves were designed and completed by my husband...he's pretty awesome like that!

We just have a few things left to crown molding, hard wood floors, a few smaller shelves to hang on the empty wall, and a nice-not to feminine-chandelier. I can't wait to see the completed look! Our unit will be one of the very few that actually has a custom closet!


The hubs installing custom built(by him) double doors!

 -Middle of the chaos today-

Taken with my phone=poor resolution

 -After {renovations/chaos}-

-Images by Shannon Drake

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