March 13, 2012

Chandos Interiors {Houston}...

After much debate, a list of pros and cons, and 'soul' searching, the hubs and I will be staying in our condo at least until the end of this year. On Sunday we found out a fun face...we were paying almost three times what we should be in property taxes. Making a phone call yesterday resulted in a nice refund. Yay! Being a one income household you get excited about things like that. The hubs and I did some more talking and realized that once we refinance next month plus having our taxes go down that there really is no need to move-besides having more space.

I don't feel like I am finished with this house yet. Getting one more good year in and then putting it up for lease of sale. In the mean time we will be taking little pieces of our house and fixing it up. I have talked about this many times before and in about 3 weeks it will be starting. Trips to Lowe's, paint stores, and Crate and Barrel will be in my future this Summer.

I continually look around for inspiration and I always love to promote local real estate homes and interior design firms. Chandos Interiors is out of Houston, as well, and they are fabulous. Their portfolio is beautiful and gives me so much inspiration. The hubs and I agreed last night that he and I are going to design our home in our taste but give the feel of a hotel. In our area, and in high-rise community, having your place feel luxurious gives you much more opportunity for leasing it at a higher price or selling it with a nice profit. To me, both of those options look nice!

Take a look at some of Chandos Interiors work...

-Photos {here}

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