March 8, 2012

Real Estate Round Up {Houston}...Part 1

My sinus congestion has gone on a little longer than what I would have liked but it has given me a opportunity to look at a bunch of real estate. The hubs and I talked a lot on the way home from Austin about looking into purchasing a home, hopefully, this year. We love our condo and the high-rise lifestyle but we the three big reasons for leaving are storage, storage, and more storage. Ha-Ha. So that may be like one huge reason but we are running out of closet space!

The hubs and I practically gutted our master closet and put in all new shelving, paint, and hardwood floors (hopefully this summer!). This project was a very long 48 hours but we loved the finished product and we have so much more space. Since that project every other closet is over flowing with more stuff. I don't know where all it comes from! Hopefully by redoing our hall closet and fixing up a few other things we can make a nice profit in time to purchase a new home.

Storage may be one thing but running a business in a one bedroom condo is tricky. Dining room table is not just for entertaining but it is also my desk/office. Any open floor space in the corners has been taken up with Drake Men products, shipping boxes, and product boxes. Besides this two things I thought the hubs and I were on the 4-5 year plan for starting a family but after this weekend I think that has now become the 2-3 year plan. Once and space is why we will be moving.

This house today is amazing and incredible. It looks like it should be in Arizona but it is actually about 15 miles of the Uptown area that we live in. It has 4 bdrms/4.5 baths, a movie room, gym, swimming pool, a huge pantry, and a studio that is separate from the house completed with its own bathroom. Last week I said how I love all different styles of homes, fashion, music, etc. Well this house definitely has its own-personality-to it. With a wallet full of $1.5 million it can be all yours!

This pantry is just huge...looks like an aisle in a grocery store

Other than the carpet I would love for this to be my room!

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