March 9, 2012

The Weekend...

This weekend will be filled with Spring cleaning! I love this time of year. When all the drawers and closets get cleaned out. Donation piles will be made while my husband and I debate on the things we should keep. My husband and I really do this twice a year. Houston is known for, really, only having two seasons...summer and fall. Winter peeks its head in for a few weeks, maybe.

I love being organized, which I'm sure my mom is surprised to hear. It makes me feel better knowing that behind all the closed doors things are where they should be. Our master bedroom closet will get cleaned out while I switch my Winter wardrobe out for Summer. This is when I get to see all the clothes that I just "have to buy"! Probably my favorite part. Ha-Ha!

It will be a wash this weekend with it raining all today, tomorrow, and part of Sunday and because of being sick I haven't-literally-stepped one foot outside our door all week so I am pretty bummed about staying inside. This means there will have to be plenty of reading, watching movies, and snuggling up together on the couch with French Vanilla coffee. After a day of cleaning I think I can get on board with that!

As always...

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